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Writing Excuses 5.28: ePublishing

Writing Excuses 5.28: ePublishing


Key Points: What we're seeing is a disruption of the marketplace. The biggest question is not how you can be published -- there are lots of ways to be published. The biggest question is how to be read. Personal contact and intimate experience, one-to-one. Get in touch with your readers. Be professional, about covers, editing, and your image.
no covers, just bits...Collapse )
[Dan] All right. Well, I think our time is up. So we're going to have a writing prompt from Tracy.
[Tracy] Indeed?
[Dan] Yes.
[Tracy] I wonder what that is?
[Dan] It's where the listeners are now going to go out and write something that you are about to tell them to write.
[Tracy] Ah. I think that you should write... something.
[Dan] And there you have it. Thanks for listening in.
[Howard] This has been Writing Excuses. You're out of excuses, now go write.
[Dan] That's my favorite writing prompt we've ever done.
[Howard] Tracy, I'm so sorry to have done that at your expense, but that joke was...
Tags: disruption of the marketplace, ebooks, epublishing, intimate experience, one-to-one, personal contact, professional

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