May 1st, 2014


Writing Excuses 9.18: Micro-Casting

Writing Excuses 9.18: Micro-Casting


Questions and Answers

Q: Can I have a rule-based magic system and another more mystical magic system in the same story at the same time?
A: Yes.
Q: I would love a podcast or at least a microcast on pre-writing methods. What are your pre-writing methods? What do you do to pre-write?
A: Can of Worms (postponed for later).
Q: What's the first thing you do once the first draft is done? Anything specific you look for?
A: Celebrate. Give it some time. Make the big fixes that I have been holding off on. Let the editor know.
Q: When approaching real world issues such as racism, war, etc., how do you avoid becoming too preachy?
A: Make it about the characters, not the topic. Show don't tell.
Q: What is the best piece of advice you can give somebody who has never written but wants to start?
A: Listen to Writing Excuses. Read a lot in your genre. Write. Don't expect perfection.
Q: Does it help you to experiment with your narrative styles, like second person, script format, epistolary, etc.? Have any of you done this?
A: Yes. It can reshape the way you look at tools you already use. Good practice.
Q: Least favorite tropes or clichés?
A: Bullies. Proving a female character is strong by defeating rapists or overcoming having been raped. The spaceship blows up at the end. Love triangles.
Q: Should you fully edit your first few practice books or just stuff them away as first drafts knowing they suck?
A: It depends. Learn to write first drafts before worrying about learning how to write second drafts. If you want to practice editing, do some editing.
Q: How do you know if you're writing too quickly?
A: Don't stress about this until you have written for a while. Do beware of skipping.
Q: How do you tell the difference between a weakness in your craft and a style of story that your brain wants to tell?
A: Writing groups. Practice. Decide what your goals for the story are. Are the effects ones that you want the story to have?
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[Brandon] Howard... Dan has our writing prompt.
[Dan] Yes. Your writing prompt today is paranormal fantasy. Paranormal romance. But we've had enough vampires and werewolves. I want you to write a story where a girl falls in love with a shoggoth.
[Howard] We're going to need a bigger boat.
[Brandon] All right. This has been Writing Excuses. You're out of excuses. Now go write.
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